Workshop on “Subconscious Mind Mastery” on February 21, 2024

The Department of Community Medicine hosted a workshop on “Subconscious Mind Mastery” on February 21, 2024, led by Dr. Kinnari Gupta, an experienced assistant professor within the department. We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Nitin Shah, our esteemed Medical director, Dr. Himanshu Joshi our respected Dean, and Dr Panchasheela, HOD for gracing the session with their presence. The active participation of all HODs, and all the faculty members showed the collective enthusiasm for the event. Throughout the workshop, attendees gained insights into the current landscape of the medical profession and the pivotal role of the subconscious mind in enhancing the quality of doctors’ lives. Discussions also delved into harnessing human frequency to leverage neuroplasticity for personal advancement. Attendees were equipped with practical tools aimed at reprogramming their subconscious minds, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and well-being as healthcare professionals.

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